3 Aralık 2009 Perşembe

Dear art friends;

For years, I have this beautiful work of art is now moving into the internet age, I decided to comply.

Paintings and poertry exceptions the vast majority of the people are art shows of the countenance. I have been professionally involved with poertry and illustration.

I have been dealing with almost every type of painting. Oil painting, watercolor, guvaş, soft pastel, carchoal, still life, landscape, line, images, graphics, caricatures and portraits in technical studies, such as I have. Especially charcoal, colored portraits and caricatures for years in the field of art education I have been trying to order.

In addition, lawyers and researches with author identification, to the world of academia and also literary works win.

The world of literature and poetry of my work in a team I will win the surprise of my book for the same reason I did not want to name for now.

Portraits e-mail for orders to reach me will be enough. Portraits and other paintings of sizes and prices on our site to find out about entering into tabs.

Your world is filled with poetry and art wishes.

2 Aralık 2009 Çarşamba